Download Windows 10 Pro MPB Gamer Elegant Edition | As you guys know MPB is short for My Private Build.. i have make this build for me…for my usage..i never have think to share it with u dont like it..or u missing something in it.. u need to know that i will not fix it for u..or do next build and add something i dont like or need.. for me this build is perfect as it advice to everyone –>> first try it in Virtual Machine.. then install it if u like it..
if u have installed my last MPB Build then u dont need this is the same as old one..but have new tweaks like safe mod in right click.. and more right click tweaks..
have add new Game Service Tweaks.. This Build was tested for 10 days.. we didnt find anything wrong with it..


Download Windows 10 Pro MPB Gamer Elegant Edition

What is diferent in this MPB:

Superfech is gone (good for SSD and Gaming)..Action Center is gone to..Ribbon in File Explorer not removedClock is gone..Right Click Tweaks added10 themes addedEnjoy!!


Build : Windows 10 Pro RS5 v.1809.17763.348 En-Us x64 ESD Pre-Activated
Language: English
Compression: ESD
Architecture: 64bit
File Size: 1.3GB

Link Download:

Google Drive

Download Windows 10 Pro MPB Gamer Elegant Edition

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